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“Turbo Charge Your Fat Loss With These Boosters”

1.  Forskolin. This powerful fat burner comes from the Indian Colaus plant. One study in the journal Obesity found it can help the break down of stored fats and improve overall body composition.

2.  Green Tea! The tea has had extensive research done on both its antioxidant and calorie-burning properties. And the body of research agrees… green tea can help boost your metabolism! For best results, you’ll have to drink about 2-3 cups per day. You can get it decaffeinated if you’d rather not feel antsy or jittery.

3.  Irvinga Gabonesis. This has been shown to support weight loss by increasing leptin and insulin sensitivity.

4.  7-Keto. This metabolite of the hormone DHEA helps improve fat loss by gently boosting your metabolic rate and normalizing your thyroid.


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