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Intense Training

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it2This form of Intense Training not only challenges you physically, but more so mentally. Derived from the most difficult Military Training in the World, this program is NO JOKE!! (Not For the Timid or Weak!)

The Intense Training program is our most difficult and challenging program that we have to offer. This program makes those boot camp programs feel like a cake walk. This program, to be blunt is just a straight kick in the groin. It gives you everything from weight training, water training and conditioning, cross training, kick boxing, to small weapons training and more. This program will not only get you in excellent shape but it will have you accomplishing things you never thought you could accomplish. This program is recommended for those individuals that have graduated from the H.E.L.P School, and those that have an advance level of fitness and want a serious challenge.


  • Health & Fitness Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Nutritional Counseling (nutrition outline, nutrition book & nutrition seminar)
  • Blue Print Design
  • Email Access
  • Training T-Shirt & Sweat Shirt
  • Guarantee Satisfaction or Money Back

Program and Pricing

Intense Training is four weeks, three sessions a week, limited to eight people.